I normally visit selected schools, bookshops, conferences, festivals and libraries, both in the UK and abroad, throughout the year, to talk to children about reading, writing and my books.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, I am happy to offer an online event instead. These can also be pre-recorded.

To find out more about my online events please contact Victoria Rontaler at Rontaler PR & Events.

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Forthcoming public events

UKLA National Conference 2021: Writing for Pleasure

January 30, 2021
at 15:30

UKLA National Conference 2021

Our keynote speakers David Almond and Piers Torday will offer a writer’s perspective on writing and the workshops will provide opportunities to engage in different kinds of writing and feel the pleasu…



Can I read your books aloud online?


If you are a teacher, you may read aloud individual chapters at a time, that are not recorded, via a closed virtual learning environment for pupils only. Please don’t read whole books aloud in one session or record any of your readings. Thank you!

**During the second lockdown, I am reading my books out loud on Instagram Live, daily at 2.30pm or catch up later on my YouTube Channel, beginning with The Dark Wild**




Where can I find classroom resources for your books?


There are some excellent free classroom resources for “The Last Wild” provided by Sustainable Learning

I will be putting up more here for all books very shortly, watch this space.

Teachers could sign up to CLPE’s excellent Power of Reading scheme and get a whole teaching sequence based on “The Last Wild”.



How much do you charge for a school visit?


Please read the following document for more info:

Piers Torday School Events Guide 2021




Do you visit schools?


I offer both in person and online visits, depending on your requirements. For more information on how to arrange a visit, the sessions I offer, and fees, please contact:

Victoria Rontaler at Rontaler PR & Events.