I visit schools, bookshops, libraries, and festivals throughout the year, to talk to children about reading, writing and my books.

My workshops explain how I became an author, and what inspired me, including a chance encounter with Roald Dahl when I was a child. Students can hear the real life childhood adventure which later inspired The Last Wild trilogy, as well as find out more about the environmental themes behind the book. I also talk about the importance of stories, and tell the very personal one which led to There May Be A Castle.

All my workshops revolve around heavily illustrated, animated and interactive presentations, full of video, sound, take home facts and plenty of jokes. For more information on the talks I offer for this academic year, fees and how to book, please contact my booking agents Authors  Aloud or Authors Abroad.or look through my FAQ.

Visits to bookshops and festivals are organised through my publisher, and you can see what’s coming up below.

I look forward to seeing you at one of them if you can make it.

Forthcoming public events

Singapore Writer’s Festival: The Nature of Stories

May 2, 2018, 19.00
at 20.00

How do you create characters that readers will care about? Can stories change the world? Piers Torday, UK author of The Last Wild trilogy and winner of the Guardian’s Children’s Book Award, speaks abo…

Barnes Children’s Literature Festival 2018

May 13, 2018, 15:00
at 16:00

Join the Guardian Children’s Book Award winner, author of The Last Wild trilogy Piers Torday as he talks about his new book There May Be A Castle. A story about love, loss and the power of imagination…



What inspired you to write The Last Wild?


  1. I was inspired to write The Last Wild by the shocking discovery that Earth has lost over half its wildlife in the last 40+ years. What will happen in the next 40 years. Will there be any animals left, and if not, what are we going to do about it? What are YOU going to do about it?


Do you visit schools?


Yes. If you would like me to visit your school, please ask your teacher, school librarian or a parent/carer to email Authors Aloud.


Will there be another book in “The Last Wild” series?


Not for the time being. “The Wild Beyond”, the third book in the series, is the conclusion of Kester, Polly, Aida and all their animal friends’ adventures as I see it for now. I firmly believe that those left at the end of that story have very exciting futures ahead of them! But never say never. There might be a fourth book one day, you never know…