Hello! My name is Piers Torday and I write for children: novels, short stories and plays.

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Learn how to write with me on Domestika

Write your first novel for children

“The books we read when we’re young shape us into the adults of tomorrow.”

I am exactly what I wanted to be when I was a child. As a children’s writer, I have dedicated my career to creating fictional worlds that keep young, curious minds turning pages and fascinated by reading.

In this course, I take  you on a writer’s journey to create a children’s novel that transports the little ones to another universe and inspires them to ask big questions. Learn how to plan, structure, and write a full-length novel step by step. Discover the creative process behind world-building, plot development, and character arcs that can inspire the next generation.



I’m joining The Novelry!

August 9, 2022

I’m thrilled to announce that from this September, I’m joining The Novelry as a writing coach for children’s fiction. I’ll be offering guidance and advice to aspiring children’s writers, alongside Pol…



Can I read your books aloud online?


If you are a teacher, you may read aloud individual chapters at a time, that are not recorded, via a closed virtual learning environment for pupils only. Please don’t read whole books aloud in one session or record any of your readings. Thank you!




Where can I find classroom resources for your books?


You can watch my Last Wild video masterclasses and sign up for classroom resources at Authorfy

There are also some excellent free classroom resources for “The Last Wild” provided by Sustainable Learning

Teachers could sign up to CLPE’s excellent Power of Reading scheme and get a whole teaching sequence based on “The Last Wild”.




How much do you charge for a school visit?


Please read the following document for more info:

Piers Torday School Events Guide 2021




Do you visit schools?


I offer both in person and online visits, depending on your requirements. For more information on how to arrange a visit, the sessions I offer, and fees, please contact:

Victoria Rontaler at Rontaler PR & Events.