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The Frozen Sea



‘That’s the best book I ever read. ..’ he said, ‘And by book, I mean unbelievable secret weapon!’

Jewel Hastings doesn’t know who she is. But she is about to discover that she is one of the most remarkable people ever to have walked the earth…

On the run from school bullies, Jewel tumbles through the door of a mysterious old bookshop, and falls headlong into Folio, the world of the imagination. There, she must begin a quest to rescue her missing aunt. helped only by her rude pet hamster Fizz and a malfunctioning copper robot.

From the shimmering lights of the Idea Jungle, to the desolate expanse of the Frozen Sea, their mission will bring them face-to-face with a danger both more deadly and more magnificent than they ever imagined. And what Jewel discovers will change her life forever….

“A phenomenal adventure story” Independent on The Lost Magician


Write At Home 2

March 25, 2020

Are the children eating the furniture?   Are you getting no work done whatsoever?   Is Joe Wicks reducing you to a gibbering wreck?   QUICK! A ten minute creative writing reprieve, just long enough to…


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Can I read your books aloud online?


If you are a teacher, you may read aloud individual chapters at a time, that are not recorded, via a closed virtual learning environment for pupils only.

I will be reading some chapters of my books aloud via my social media channels during the UK Corona Virus outbreak.

Please don’t read whole books aloud in one session or record any of your readings. Thank you!


Where can I find classroom resources for your books?


There are some excellent free classroom resources for “The Last Wild” provided by Sustainable Learning

I will be putting up more here for all books very shortly, watch this space.

Teachers could sign up to CLPE’s excellent Power of Reading scheme and get a whole teaching sequence based on “The Last Wild”.



Do you visit schools?


Yes. As I am based in London, most of my visits take place in the Southeast. But budget and time permitting, I do try and visit as many schools across the UK as I can. For more information on how to arrange a visit, the sessions I offer, and fees, please contact:

Victoria Rontaler at Rontaler PR & Events.



Will there be another book in “The Last Wild” series?


Not for the time being. “The Wild Beyond”, the third book in the series, is the conclusion of Kester, Polly, Aida and all their animal friends’ adventures as I see it for now. I firmly believe that those left at the end of that story have very exciting futures ahead of them! But never say never. There might be a fourth book one day, you never know…