The Death of an Owl


From the bestselling author of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, Paul Torday, comes a witty satire. Completed by Piers Torday.

Charles Fryerne has made a career out of telling the truth. Or so he thinks. Employed first as a writer, then as a communications expert, he believes that the public is tired of political spin. Then he bumps into a former university friend, Andrew Langford.  Always ambitious, Langford is now on course to be leader of the Conservative party and has set his sights on the top job – becoming the country’s next prime minister – and he wants Charles to join his team.

But everything changes one dark night on a country lane, when Andrew’s car hits an owl. And not just any owl. Barn owls are protected species and killing one is a criminal offence. In addition, Andrew is on a select committee concerned with the Wildlife Crimes Act.  If they come clean, they risk everything they have worked towards; and if they don’t….

Publisher: W&N Fiction
Published: 14/04/2016
ISBN: 978-0297867500


“A delightful Gothic fantasy – completed with panache”

Chris Bryant, THE GUARDIAN

“A compelling blend of morality and satire”


“Skeweringly accurate”


“A pleasure to read”